Aarhus School of Architecture

Addressing Architecture


The Exhibition Building, AAA

Barcelona, Ilulissat, Seoul, Aarhus, Wuhan, Randers, Kolding, Hunsfos, Ebeltoft, Nissum Fjord, Fredericia, Budalen, Frederiksberg, Thy, Hyttå, Detroit. These are just a few of the locations the new architects address in their final projects.

More than 80 graduating students have spent months scrutinizing and critically examining their graduation projects. Finally, the projects are presented to a broad audience in the curated AFGANG Exhibition, Addressing Architecture.

Through the investigation, comprehension and finally realisation of such diverse projects as a kindergarten made out of stamped moraine clay, a space for spiritual resilience in the city, a youth prison, integration and diversity, a critique of modern society, a new mosque, and empowerment of abandoned spaces in Detroit, the graduation projects demonstrate the ubiquitous relevancy of architecture within today’s society.

Despite living in an unbelievably tumultuous time, moments of turmoil often prompt creative minds to make extraordinary things. So, please welcome the new architects, still in the shaping, ready to address architecture.