Ofelia Beach

Royal Play House, Copenhagen


Ofelia Beach
– An outdoor extension of the Royal Play House and a new urban lounge at the harbourfront in Copenhagen

Kvæsthusmolen, Cph

Tina Midtgaard & Karen Kjaergaard
in collaboration with Lise Kassow Architects

The press wrote:
Ofelia Beach – a maritime and magical urban translation of nature. Ofelia Beach is a beach- and bar area completed in June 2011. The area is an outdoor extension of the Royal Play House designed by Midtgaard and Kjærgaard in collaboration with architect Lise Kassow.
Politiken wrote ”Ofelia Beach is a state-of-the-art world-class urban space that leaves New York and Berlin behind”. Ofelia Beach offers inclusiveness and accessibility, creating the frames for cultural activity and recreational leisure. It’s a small refuge surrounded by water and monumental buildings and overlooking the Opera House. The beach area stretches between two scenes; the elevated music scene and the lower dancing terrace. The most significant part of the design is the large wooden structure that bridges the space between the two outdoor scenes. The pattern of the timber reflects the ripples of sand dunes shaped by the wind, and the change of light during the day gives the structure a wavering tactility. The repetition of two kinds of wood modules gently sloping amplifies the flexibility of usage, from scaters to kids, lovers and old people.