Copenhagen Design Week 2011

Danish Design Center/Copenhagen Design Week


Think Human


Tina Midtgaard & Karen Kjaergaard

installations by IKEA, Erik Juul Architects, Copenhagen Design Week, CITA, EGE a.o.

Curators voice:
The Human Factor
Setting the future scene for creative societies is far more complex than ever. Sharing, co-creation and connectivity are generating new operating systems as we enter the age of the human, the Anthropocene epoque.

In a progressive society that recognizes this challenge and the impact human behaviour leaves on the environment, creative platforms are indispensable drivers in developing new mindsets. To escape dogmatic views an antropological and holistic approach provides important tools in the process of reformatting the standards of human life.
Design, art, architecture and urban planning have always been strong contributors in defining cultural behaviour, not least through the recognition of the interdisciplinary potential between the different domains.
In addition to this, the continuous dialogue between theory and practice combined with the constant urge to explore form and material add new dimensions to the future conception of design with a human imprint.

Copenhagen Design Week 2011 is challenging standardised practice, exhibiting new-urban structures, experiments and idealistic creativity revolving around the idea of up-cycling in any field of the multifacetted landscape of creative thinking.