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Architecture Never Sleeps


Exner´s Plads

The School´s Carpenter and Student Assistents

COVID not only disrupted the way we work but also our communication about new architecture and architecture as a profession and a discipline. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we now once again welcome you to a physical graduation exhibition: Architecture Never Sleeps.
The exhibition revolves around the omnipresent character of architecture: we are surrounded by architecture when we eat, work, play, make love or sleep and when we are well, sick or dying. Round the clock we are, to varying degrees, surrounded by walls, roofs, floors or other elements that form the physical setting of our lives. A setting that, in addition to fundamental phenomena, such as water and warmth, is our source of safety and calm. However, architecture deals equally with all the features beyond our near sphere: public spaces, infrastructure, nature, climate change and sustainability. That is why the new architects’ ideas and visions are such an important and powerful field to bring to a wider audience.