Arhus School of Architecture

1965 – 2015 – The Anniversary Exhibition


The Exhibition Building, AAA

The Anniversary Exhibition consists exclusively of films presented in 50 specially made white cubes, allowing the audience to listen to the portraits in silence.
The contributing architects and firms have been crucial for the school’s development from an alternative school of architecture to an internationally recognized academic institution, by contributing with lectures, teaching or as guest professors.

For this exhibition recognised architects from outside the school – from practice as well as theory have been invited to contribute with a film about their own work. I.e. curating this exhibition was consequently about selecting the contributors and not about curating the films received. 68 architects and practices from all over the world sent their contributions, emphasizing the school’s strong and longlasting ties to the international environment.

The exhibition presents 50 individual views on the architectural profession, on architecture, and, not least, on the school.

For the occasion Ege sponsored a huge red carpet providing a marked contrast to the white walls and cubes.