Danish Crafts

2008, 2009 and 2010

MINDCRAFT08 /Mindcraft
MINDCRAFT09/Shhh….. Craft is golden
MINDCRAFT10/Would You Mind?

Fuori Salone, Zona Tortona, Milano, London 100% design

Curator, exhibition architect and graphic concept:
Karen Kjaergaard

Graphic design:
Rasmus Koch

3 exhibitions with 3 X 12 of Denmark’s leading and most talented craftspeople and designers conceiving 12 new works for each years´s edition of MINDCRAFT.
The 3 X 12 craftspeople and designers are exponents of the development from HANDCRAFT to MINDCRAFT that has changed crafts from being predominantly concerned with materials, techniques and utilitarian values to an important partner in developing new products with high artistic content.

From Handcraft to Mindcraft, 2008, white mega-letters replacing podiums and walls, in an unpretentious presentation of pretentious craft

Shhhhh…..craft is golden, 2009, one huge white podium, leaving only a narrow passage,- but at the same time expanding the scene by offering a giant, common platform for an informal craft presentation

Would You mind?, 2010, one wall, – but two sides – dividing room as well as experience into un – defined architectural spaces, presenting craft close to us.