It´s a small world

Danish Crafts

it´s a small world

Curators & exhibition architects
Kjersti Wikstrøm (DAC), Tina Midtgaard (DDC) & Karen Kjaergaard (DC)

2009 – 2010

Copenhagen, shanghai, brazil, chile

Exhibition design:

How will future designers work, and how does Danish design address global issues such as sustainability, new technology and consumption? The exhibition it’s a small world challenges the Danish design tradition and explores future design practices in a global perspective.
it’s a small world explores new perspectives in Danish design, craft and architecture. With focus on 4 themes – Sustainability, Human Scale, New Craftmanship and Non-Standardised Praxis – the exhibition challenges the traditional role of the designer. Six interdisciplinary scenarios seek a new relevancy for design – in the world.

The exhibition is organized as a collaboration between Danish Design Centre, Danish Crafts and Danish Architecture Centre and is generated from an initiative in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.