Crafts Collection

Danish Crafts

2005 – 2010

Crafts Collection 10/From Handcraft to Mindcraft
Crafts Collection 11/Powercraft
Crafts Collection 12/Hands On!
Crafts Colelction 13/ExtraOrdinaryCraft

Ambiente, Frankfurt & Maison et Objet, Paris

Curator, exhibition architect and graphic concept:
Karen Kjaergaard

Graphic design:
Rasmus Koch

Danish craft has moved from Handcraft to Mindcraft, radiates Powercraft, expresses that ExtraOrdinary something that positions it as the avantgarde of design. Titles, statements and a professional presentation are essential parametres of any promotion.
Crafts Collection is Danish Crafts´ annual presentation of products featuring the best of contemporary Danish craft and design and is presented at international fairs. The products are selected by changing curators appointed by Danish Crafts.