Kolding School of Design

The Tube


Curator, exhibition architect and graphic concept:
Karen Kjaergaard

Milano, Ventura Lambrate

Engineering Poetry
”The Tube is a cultural incubator providing discussions about values, a cultural platform generating cooperative initiatives and processes, and hopefully a cultural statement branding Danish design internationally,” Karen Kjaergaard

A face of carpets, a wall of pleats, a climbing shoe, a kind of blue, a word of bricks and a wave of veneer are the results of collaborations between six designers and six companies, arranged by KoldingSchool of Design.
Together with six leading Danish companies, Kolding School of Design presents the exhibition project The Tube at I Saloni, Milan.
The Tube is an exhibition where knowledge is shared beyond the tight parameters that form common perceptions of design,
demonstrating the importance of collaborations between designers and industry. The sixdesigners, all in their final year or just graduated, have been matched with six companies who support the project with their resources, skills and know-how.
Participation in The Tube represents a unique possibility for the designers to explore their qualifications and competencies in a professional
relationship and is at the same time an appeal to companies to enter small-scale collaborations with young designers.
With the exhibition we hope to stimulate and attract the most talented students for future collaborations and to give companies a gaze into the
crystal ball of future design inspiring them to consider innovative and exciting ways of using designers.

Juxtaposing the environmental, cultural and historic contexts in which design exists, The Tube addresses the urge of engineering poetry in current
design. Welcome to a tube of collaborations presenting new products and installations that, besides being experimental, possess an artistic element
and a commercial potential.

Companies: Kvadrat, Republic of Fritz Hansen, ege, Le Klint, ECCO & LEGO

Designers: Siff Pristed, Joan Pedersen, Brian Frandsen, Katja Knudsen, Pauline Joy Richard and Birk Marcus Hansen