ON/OFF (2021)

Aarhus School of Architecture

Processing Architecture (PA)


The internet

Walk Agency
The third of three fully digital exhibitions, On Line Off Grid – which follows after We Do Architecture (WDA) and Processing Architecture (PA) – maintains the same graphic and interactive identity as its predecessors. As we increasingly use digital platforms and live online, with algorithms and surveillance as our constant companions, we also, quite understandably, seek a deeper connection with nature, materials and the original. Moreover, architects normally develop their expression in teams, in the studio and, not least, in the workshops, in a constant exchange between the analogue and digital domains. The title refers to this duality which is also reflected in the black-white graphic design. This duality is also present in the projects, which in their content and language reflect the unavoidable posthuman and contemporary discourses: gender, climate and a confrontation with the colonial past, but which are also permeated by profound digital empathy.